What are the 9 best TVs 2021-2022 over 65″?

Rating of the best LED, QLED, OLED and Micro LED models

Perhaps only a few years are left before TVs will finally replace projectors from most installations, except for specially equipped home cinemas. In our rating, we have collected the most interesting and advanced TV models with screens from 75 inches sold on the market. As usual, the rating is based on the price increase.

9. Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 75

Xiaomi Mi TV Q1 75

The top-end TVs of the Chinese brand that have recently entered our market have already gained popularity among buyers. Still, get a 75-inch device with a quantum dot screen (QLED) for that kind of money! The panel resolution here is 4K, there is support for all major HDR formats, including Dolby Vision, the screen is backlit. Players will be pleased with the screen refresh rate of 120 Hz, the sound is also good – all audio tracks are decoded and played, the built-in media player is also very smart and omnivorous. The TV was built on the Android platform, however, the settings are not always obvious, and the remote control does not have good ergonomics.

+Backlit QLED screen, 120Hz, great valueErgonomics let us down, image processing is not the most powerful

Verdict: a great option for a large TV for zealous buyers

8. Sony XR75X90J

Sony XR75X90J

Despite the fact that this 4K model is an ordinary LCD TV, it is made according to the rules. Perfectly tuned colors, direct backlighting and a high-quality matrix allow you to simply enjoy the picture without thinking about not the deepest black color. High dynamic range formats are Dolby Vision, HLG, HDR10. For gamers, there is support for 120 Hz, however, the TV is not good friends with the Xbox. The sound of the model is very decent, DTS support is available. Of the pluses – the TV is built on the Android platform, which means access to a huge number of applications

+Correct colors, excellent processing, 120 Hz, AndroidDeep black color

Verdict: classic LCD with powerful image processing



A very popular 4K model, despite not the lowest price. Still – the OLED matrix guarantees endless blacks and a luxurious palette, and a slight lack of brightness can be easily compensated by simply closing the curtains. In terms of picture quality, the TV is “charged” to the maximum – the most powerful processing with elements of deep learning, 120 Hz, support for all HDR formats. The sound is quite legible, but such a picture simply requires the right audio accompaniment, so you can’t do without a soundbar or even a DC. In addition, the TV does not decode tracks in DTS and does not even output digitally.

+Superb picture, stunning black

-Sound requires external support, no DTS

Verdict: the right foundation for the right home theater

6. LG 86QNED996PB

LG has also launched Mini LED backlit TVs on the market, calling its technology QNED. To date, this particular series is the top among the company’s LCD TVs, in which the backlight includes 30,000 LEDs distributed over 2,500 dimming zones. There is also NANOCell coating, which provides correct and accurate color reproduction, and quantum dot technology. A huge 86-inch screen is enclosed in a thin body, so visually the device does not look bulky. Like all top LG TVs, the model supports the WiSA protocol, which allows you to build a fully wireless multi-channel DC

+Bright and juicy picture with good colors, 86 inches, 8K resolutionNo DTS support

Verdict: huge screen with 8K is gradually becoming cheaper

5. Samsung QE85QN900AUXRU

The latest Neo QLED panel with 8K resolution and Quantum Mini LED backlighting promises not only the highest brightness and contrast, but also excellent resolution in dark scenes. The most powerful Neo Quantum 8K processor is supplemented with 16 neural networks and makes “candy” out of almost any video signal. The TV is equipped with eight speakers that provide the OTS Pro system, which allows the sound to literally follow the objects on the screen. In addition, the TV has a system for automatically adjusting the sound, taking into account the acoustic characteristics of the room. Well, we can not fail to note the excellent frameless design.

+8K resolution, great sound, amazing designStill expensive

Verdict: a truly top-notch QLED TV

4. Sony XR85Z9J

Sony XR85Z9J

The firm’s top-of-the-line LCD TVs are expensive, but a closer look reveals what they’re asking for. The powerful Cognitive Processor XR carefully processes the image in real time, allowing you to correctly display any content on a huge panel with a resolution of 8K. Correct colors, excellent movement, surround sound – all the attributes of a good TV in place. Of course, the black depth is still inferior to solutions based on other technologies, but here it is completely unobtrusive. The model has a built-in audio calibrator, as well as support, in addition to all the main HDR modes, the IMAX Enhanced function.

+Comfortable picture in 8K, Android, 120 HzExpensive for an LCD

Verdict: a model for those who value balanced color reproduction most of all

3. Samsung QE98QN90A

Samsung QE98QN90A

On the one hand, with this screen size, you involuntarily expect 8K resolution, on the other hand, it’s still 98 inches! Moreover, there is still very little material of the corresponding resolution. A screen measuring two and a half meters should, it would seem, simply suppress with its dimensions, but no – a TV enclosed in thin frames does not look bulky at all. Of course, it is better to place it on the wall, since the stand is simply lost against the background of the screen. All Neo QLED technologies are in place here – Quantum Mini LED backlight, powerful Neo Quantum 4K processor, complemented by a neural network for properly upscaling content, a powerful audio system. In terms of its functions, the model is similar to other devices of the QN90A series.

+Giant screen, great picture

-Very difficult to bring into the house

Verdict: TV around which you can build a cinema



The flagship model of the company’s OLED TVs stands out not only for its high price and size, but also for its very original design. What is there only a metal rectangular cabinet integrated into it with a built-in acoustic system and a switching unit. From an image standpoint, it’s simple – the unique 8K OLED delivers a reference picture with deepest blacks, superb color reproduction, and perfect handling of moving objects. The best OLED TV on the market.

+Gorgeous picture, 8K, exclusive design, powerful soundPrice…

Verdict: perfect OLED – from screen size to picture quality

1. Samsung MNA110

Samsung MNA110

The first household TV built using Micro LED technology is amazing not only for the price. It practically solves all the tasks that developers of any means of displaying a video signal have always set themselves. By using independently powered inorganic LEDs to form each dot, engineers achieved full color gamut (up to 20-bit color depth), infinite blacks, and tremendous brightness. This TV not only combines the advantages of all other technologies, but also multiplies them. The 110-inch screen has a resolution of 4K and is enclosed in a rigid metal case, which also houses a 6.2.2 speaker system. The equipment of the model matches – listing all the functions will take several pages. We just say that today nothing better has been invented yet.

+The best TV in the world in every wayThe price is not happy

Verdict: the future of the TV market is already here. If you can afford it.

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